Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year...A New Blog

I can't believe it.  I subconsciously thought that maybe today was the day that the world's great civilizations had finally fallen.  The End was here!  No luck, everyone just left the house and me asleep.  I slept till 4pm.  The sleep of the dead, too.  No dreams, no barking dogs, no blaring TV, just complete and total unconsciousness.  Normally I would be completely OK with that, but I had stuff to do today...I had stuff to do.  Well, I got some of it done.  Who am I thing done.  I went to the book store and got the next book in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, "Chainfire".  I came home and pigged out on some mmm,mmm,good homemade chili while watching what the Scyfy(whose kidding who) channel called good TV(on Hulu). 
I have come to the decision that American TV Sucks!  No one who writes this shit to make money for a living could ever be in touch with real entertainment.  They are all sell outs and sell shorts, too.  I hate reality TV.  I would really like to see a TV channel that isn't on TV at all.  All its shows are online.  The ratings for these shows would specifically come from how many people visited and watched each program.  Real entertainment truly tracked by the people making it.  I would think then you could get a real sense of what people want to watch.  I don't mind commercials.  I would prefer commercials and getting the entertainment for free.  I like what Hulu has tried to do with commercial tailoring, too.  I don't want to watch diaper ads I don't have kids or BMW ads, as if I could ever afford one .  Let me tailor ads for me. And get counted for shows I like to watch, just because I watch them online.